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 Come Visit The Strongest Gym In Western Canada 

  • 24/7 access​, drop ins call 250-208-8754 to get buzzed in

  • Free parking

  • Powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, and strongman

  • Last place in Victoria where you can drop weights

  • Adaptive equipment for Para athletes

  • Special Olympics Powerlifting

Get Unbelievably Strong


Hear It From People Who Know Best

I lost weight and got stronger

"At 40 I started lifting weights as new years resolution to lose weight and get stronger. Making little to no progress on my own I was ready to give up yet again but then I found Jason at Victoria Barbell. 

Almost immediately I saw huge improvements in my strength and a month latter in my body composition. Having a plan to follow and an expert like Jason to keep me accountable really made all the difference in finally reaching those life long goals of mine."

Ryan Lafortune

Ryan Squat2.jpg

I got 2nd at Nationals!

"Coach Jason and Victoria Barbell have been a tremendous help in facilitating my Powerlifting journey.

When I started training in September of 2016 my goal was to just make it to Nationals in 2018 and compete in the Masters age 40-50 class. Not only did I made it to Nationals, I received 1 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze medals, and a provincial best lifter award in the 4 meets that I competed in. I also achieved 5 provincial records! 

I couldn't have dreamed of getting where I am today without the support from Jason and Victoria Barbell."

Jennifer Hotner

I never thought I could get this strong

"Between technique adjustments to my form and structured programming that was challenging but not over taxing, it was instantly apparent that Jason knew what he was doing and actually cared about my strength progress.

I cannot describe how valuable it was to have him handle me on meet day. He took care of all the thinking and stress so I could just concentrate on lifting, all the way down to and including how many, how heavy, and when to hit my warm ups. 

If you want to break plateaus, or be stronger and feel prepared for competitions, Jason is your man."

Eric Brust

Level Up Your Gym


#117-2675 Wilfert Road, Colwood BC V9B6M3


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