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LVRG Performance Coaching and Personal Training

Hi I’m Giulio!

I am an athlete and a coach. I love lifting weights and doing jiu-jitsu!

I’m a certified strength, conditioning, and nutrition coach so I can help you with all aspects of your fitness and health goals.

If you want to become a more capable OUTSIDE of the gym then I’m your guy. I’ve worked with all kinds of people who all want to feel better and perform their best outside of the gym from hospital workers, massage therapists and business owners; to first responders, runners, jiujitsu athletes, and professional fighters.

if you want to use your time in the gym to be able to HURT LESS, AND DO MORE outside of the gym: contact me to learn how I can help you make that happen.



Olympic Weightlifting Coach

Areas of Specialty:
- Learning the basics of Olympic Weightlifting
- Strength and Conditioning
- Creating balanced/effective programming for whatever your goals are. 

I have been training in a gym since I was fourteen years old. What originally started as a
way to become more athletic, for my main sport of the time: lacrosse, became a passion for
becoming stronger and helping others. I competed as a powerlifter from the ages of 16-18
and took the sub-junior squat and deadlift records in the 93kg class. I dabbled in
strongman towards the end of my short powerlifting career as well. I found myself not
getting what I wanted out of powerlifting and my main sport was still being a lacrosse
goaltender so I decided to try out Olympic Weighlifting to increase power output. Fast
forward 2 years and I have quit lacrosse in pursuit of hopefully stepping on an
international stage during my lifetime. During 2020 I placed 3rd at junior nationals in
Edmonton, 2nd place at senior provincials, 1st at junior provincials. In 2021 I began my
first year as a senior and placed 3rd at senior provincials. I am also in the process of
completing my Bachelor’s of Sport and Fitness Leadership at Camosun. If there is one
thing I have learned through my 6 years of training experience it’s that the simple things
work and are often overlooked by many. 

Phone Number: 250-218-8198 Email:
Instagram: diego.such


Personal Trainer and Coach

Victoria Barbell Owner

  • Strength and technique specialist

  • Special Olympic Powerlifting Victoria head coach

  • Beginner to advanced powerlifting coach

  • Former BCPA provincial, CPU western, and CPU national bench press champion

  • Competitive powerlifter and high level coach for 10+ years

  • Myself and my clients have over 50 powerlifting records ranging from provincial, national, and world records


Phone: 250-208-8754

Kaelyn Hilgartner

Power Legion

Adaptive & Inclusive Personal Training

At Power Legion Training we believe in the power of movement for everyone. Coach Kaelyn, one of the co-owners and a certified personal trainer with a passion for inclusivity, specializes in injury prevention and recovery, pre and post-natal fitness, and adaptive fitness for individuals with disabilities. Our mission is to create a supportive and adaptive environment where everyone, regardless of their fitness level or physical condition, can achieve their health and wellness goals.


Coach Kaelyn has always believed in the transformative power of fitness and its ability to improve quality of life. With a background in coaching Special Olympics Powerlifting, Para Powerlifting and years of experience working with diverse populations, Coach Kaelyn has developed a unique approach to personal training that emphasizes empathy, adaptability and empowerment.

Marvin Kimanje

Power Legion

Strength & Conditioning, Martial Arts Personal Trainer

Meet Coach Marvin – a dynamic personal trainer & co-owner of Power Legion Training, whose passion & expertise in strength and conditioning, boxing, and powerlifting will take your fitness goals to the next level. Coach Marvin’s mission is to empower individuals to unlock their full potential, building strength, endurance, and confidence through specialized training programs. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness journey, Coach Marvin is here to guide you every step of the way toward achieving your personal best.


Coach Marvin combines a rich background in competitive sports with a deep understanding of human physiology to deliver comprehensive training experiences. With certifications in strength and conditioning, boxing coaching, and powerlifting instruction, Coach Marvin is not just a trainer but a mentor who is dedicated to the science and spirit of physical achievement.

Douglas Chan

Power Legion

Introducing the Ultimate Powerlifting Coach

Are you ready to take your powerlifting journey to new heights? Meet our expert powerlifting coach. With a wealth of experience and a passion, Coach Doug will teach you how to to unlock your true potential. Equipped with knowledge and a keen eye for technique, Coach Doug is here to guide, motivate, and transform you into a force to be reckoned with. Whether you're a novice lifter taking your first steps or an experienced veteran aiming to break records, Coach Doug expertly tailors training programs to suit your unique goals and abilities. Under the guidance of your powerlifting coach, you'll conquer personal milestones, obliterate barriers, and surpass your previous PRs. Get ready to start your quest of conquering the lifting platform!

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